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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Sgt. Darian Interactive

Calling Sgt. Darian Interactive..... I bet you didn't know that in my spare time I'm an Army Sergeant barking out orders in an online training exercise. The folks at iMedia-it are leaders in the development of performance based on-line learning. By infusing cutting-edge gaming technologies into objective based scenarios, critical thinking and decision points are exercised beyond traditional training approaches. I think I got carried away a couple of times when I kept saying...Your score is unacceptable.. My other favorite line, "Let's get started soldier. You have a lot to accomplish." They do quite a bit of work for the Army. I'm one of 16 characters in the latest online training video. Marcos handled the audio, Shari made sure I didn't miss any words in the booth..Roosevelt, Shari and Leslie cheered me on in front of the blue screen at the studio where my "green room" was green like the walls, clothes, boots, t-shirts and all. The Animators, flash designers, and multi-media video group hangs out in the pit. There are programmers, instructional designers and my stylist involved in making sure my character is on-line ready. They've been designing training programs for about 10 years, that's why the Army looks to them for the latest online tools... BY the way, some of the 3-D Effects are outstanding. There's a lot of creativity over there with Vincent and the crew. Check out a few great websites. http://www.imediait.com/ http://www.generalsoundwave.deviantart.com/ http://www.2cents.tv/

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