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Thursday, December 7, 2006

GREAT Author! Karen Ward

My sister Karen Ward is a GREAT writer. She has a passion for young people and enjoys inspiring and encouraging them. She has an innovative book, "It's All About School." She also has networking opportunities and seminars planned to get young people talking about their challenges and issues. They'll also come up with solutions they can implement. There's a great opportunity to support a solution-based organization by putting your company's name or logo on the back of the latest edition. The book has been enhanced with open discussion questions, advice from educators, youth comments and a listing of community resource agencies. Various topics in the book include, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, bullying, gang involvement, and peer mediation. Gracious Hands Literary Company will have a book give-away for youth on Saturday, January 13, 2007.
Support young people....Support the book, "It's All About School," www.gracioushandsliterary.com or e-mail Karen at kwgracioushands@yahoo.com

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