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Monday, September 10, 2012

Playbook of Love- Are you Ready for some Football?

Football season can actually be bonding time with your honey, so get on his team and get in the game- don’t forget to pass the ball sometimes too…
Tip #1- Get to Know his Team
If you don’t know your honey’s favorite team by now, shame on you. So find out secretly who’s the quarterback, running back and other stars of the team. Then surprise him with a new jersey, cap, socks, bumper stickers, car flags- something that shows you are on his team.
If you don’t like his favorite team, or if you despise them… you can still have a little fun with a friendly rivalry. Competition is good, but don’t rub it in too much if your team dominates his. Don’t forget, he is sensitive… You can Tweet, update your Facebook page, check in with Foursquare and even post to Pinterest during the game. But you will pick up a penalty if you post any crying videos of your honey, and stay away from posting lowlights of his team, believe me, he’ll see them again and again on the highlight reels.
If his reaction is too intense, you might want to find a peace offering, bear in mind, there’s always next week and your team could get slammed. Personally, I like the Houston Texans since we live in Houston and also the Rams since that’s my zodiac sign- Aries..
Tips #2 – Cute Cornerback
Every man wants to show off his “better half” so make him proud. You can dress like an athlete with the jersey, jeans and sneakers or you can razzle dazzle in the cutest top, jewelry and removable tattoo. So get to shopping, and make sure you put your own spin on your outfit… Keep it fun and flirty, no dresses allowed. By the way, the Houston Texans are the #1 team that sells the most merchandise in the NFL and season tickets have been sold out every year since the franchise launched. Take that… Cowboys…
Tip #3 – Goddess of the Gridiron
Be a beast in the kitchen or the grocery store and he’ll brag about you… Marinate those ribs overnight, get the barbecue sauce ready those sausages, hotdogs and burgers. Chicken and shrimp, cheese, and jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon can be popped on the grill. If you have a signature dip, make sure you throw in some spinach to make it healthier… And don’t forget to help with the checklist. Water, beer and margaritas—check. Plenty of food- check. Utensils, condiments and plates- check. Chairs, tent, and tickets- check. Tailgating parking pass—check.  If the gang is coming over, the man cave is clean and the flat screen is ready for the action.

Tip #4-Goddess on Steroids (Franchise Player)
If you REALLY want to impress your honey AND you have the budget--secretly gather the girls and charter a private jet to a special game for your men. OMG, they will NEVER stop talking about it, especially if their team wins… Take lots of photos to remind them of their special day and the lengths you will go to in order to please them. He’ll be on his best behavior and you’ll pick up some extra points.  He’ll feel that you really understand him.  If you’re feeling lucky, Super Bowl tickets should be on your radar.

Tip #5 – Free Agent
If you really just don’t like football, and if all else fails, make sure you have two TVs. If the man cave is stocked, then no one is stopping you from heading to a movie, museum, brunch or shopping. Count this as your renewal time. Do the things that make you happy. Catch up on your reading, yoga class, donate more time to charity.  Be creative and have fun. When you both are enjoying what you are passionate about, it makes for a happier couple. Don’t forget to ask him about the game when you get home.
By the way, here are some relationship penalties, singles need to be aware of.
Penalties for Singles
·         Excessive Crowd Noise – You man is listening to his boys too much..
·         Illegal Substitution- Ditching you in order to Hang Out with the boys – repeated offense
·         Excessive Time Out- We’re getting close, then ‘bam’ where did he go? We need some space??? Really??
·         Defensive Holding or Illegal Use of Hands-It’s a given you are only going to touch me with a loving embrace, but putting your hands over my mouth? OK, I will not talk during the game.. but the commercials are fair game…
·         Failure to report change of eligibility- You got what? Engaged??? When??
·         Clipping Below the Waist- Get to know my brain first..
Darian Ward Nichols
Author-How to Catch a Mate…with the Right Bait

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