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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Elegant Evening!

The Holiday Season has started...My hubby and I were invited to dinner recently by our buddy Glenda. Her super chef buddy-- Charles whipped up a magnificent meal of salmon with sun dried tomatoes with a Chardonnay vinaigrette reduction and salmon with a rasberry kiwi vinaigrette with cracked pepper and sea salt. Grilled sauteed squash, scallions, and orange bell peppers were a treat along with the grilled portobello mushrooms and sauteed mussels. The wines of choice were a 2004 Sonoma Ridge Chardonnay and a 2005 Panarroz Jumilla. Charles, the Super chef picked up everything from Central Market and Specs. Charles says cooking is relaxing and a chance for him to be free, experience new flavors, textures, smells and educate the palate. What a wonderful evening surrounded by great friends, wonderful food, find jazz, and awesome art- Glenda is a big collector.. Let the Holiday's BEGIN.. By the way, my photo was used for one of Glenda's art pieces by Lionell Lofton. By the way, Charles is a private chef.. e-mail me, and I'll send his information. info@darianward.com.

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